Top 5 Reasons to avoid P90X

June 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

P 90 X-treme, disappointment

P90 X deserves credit for their excellent marketing tactics and motivational presentation.  Unfortunately, this program is unlikely to deliver on it’s bold statements such as

Get absolutely ripped with this 90 day workout!
Your Total Body Transformation is Only 90 Days Away!

Here’s why:

1.  The concept of this program is based off of what they call, “Muscle Confusion.”  This is a made up term used by the company to sell this product.  The concept behind this product just doesn’t make any sense.

2. They claim muscle confusion,” accelerates the results process by constantly introducing new moves and routines so your body never plateaus, and your mind never gets bored.”  There is a term in exercise physiology called adaptation.  This refers to the body’s ability to adjust to increased or decreased physical demands..  The body will adapt to the demands it is placed on it.  If this style of training can’t even be classified, how can the body adapt to it ?

3.  The Principle of specificity states that training a certain body part or component of the body primarily develops that part.  For instance, if you want to become a better cyclist, don’t focus on gymnastics.  If we are constantly doing new moves and routines, what exactly are we improving?

4.  Frequency of exercise.  The program calls for sixty minutes of exercise, six times per week.  Except for healthy, advanced athletes with years of experience, this is simply too much volume.  At best it will be a waste of time.  At worst, it will invite injuries, discourage adherence, and decrease motivation.

5.  If people start this program to become ripped, then why would the company include yoga, stretching, and core training/abdominal work?  These are vastly inadequate methods to improve body composition. Plyometrics is also included.  Again, this should be reserved to highly trained, advanced athletes.  I am willing to bet this is not most people starting P90X.

Granted, P90X states that this program is not for beginners.  I would say it’s not for anybody.  Beginners have no business trying to complete a workout like this.  Intermediates would not do well on this because of the poor foundation of the program.  And advanced people would have no need for a program like this, and have already found the means to a solid physique.  And it wasn’t through P90 Extreme Disappointment.

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