Burn fat like a Porsche, not a Prius

May 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Efficiency.  Always a good thing, except with fat loss.

Mastering a movement or aerobic exercise is not desirable in the fat loss realm.

A key to understanding exercise is adaptation.  The body will go through the necessary changes to adapt to any stimulus that is being placed upon it.  Moving from the couch to the desk to the kitchen each day is not enough stimulus for the body to change. But start running for thirty minutes most days of the week, and the body will be forced to change.

The reason the body changes is to make it easier on you to continue doing what your doing.

So what was once a struggle and maybe even unattainable, is now no problem.

That’s great, but the problem now is the body requires less energy to complete this task.  So if you started running to burn calories, you are now burning less for doing the same amount of work.

The same could be said about any aerobic exercise.  Walking, running, swimming, cycling, ext..

This is why strength training is so good for fat loss and conditioning.  All you have to do is add a couple more reps or more weight.  Or you can stay with running, but choose shorter distances like the 100 meters, or a short hill sprint.

This type of work will keep your body burning fuel like a Porsche, not a Prius.

Check out this video by strength coach, Dan John, to further understand this concept.


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