Still doing cardio to burn calories? Part 2

May 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Exercices d'aérobic

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Most people focus on aerobic exercise.  That’s a mistake.

The effectiveness of a workout should really be defined by the intensity.  The more difficult something is, or demanding it is, the greater the benefits.   Anaerobic is intense.

Advantages of short/ intense workouts.

  • Better hormonal response
  • Less time duration
  • Increased caloric burn after exercise
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Direct use of mid-section fat.

Aerobic exercise improves body composition by lowering body fat.  However, aerobic exercise does not improve muscle composition.  In fact, it may even decrease muscle!  So percentage of body fat remains largely unchanged!

Fortunately, anaerobic exercise decreases body fat, and at the same time increases muscle mass.

I know what you’re thinking ladies, don’t worry.  Unless you are on a bunch of steroids, you are not going to look like a meathead.

What are examples of anaerobic exercise?

In general, any type of exercise or movement that cannot be completed or continued for longer than 30 seconds due to fatigue.

What about heart health and overall health?

Anaerobics works just as good.

What about total calories burnt in a session?

It’s what happens the other 23 hours of the day! More intense training burns more calories the rest of the day.  Even up to 72 hours later.

(Please take the proper precautions before starting, or modifying any training program)

Brad Gatens, CSCS

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