What makes us eat more?

April 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Looking at overweight people makes us want to eat more

You would think the site of watching large individuals stuff themselves would ruin our appetitive. It may be in fact, the opposite. This goes against our own logic a bit, but can be explained by a natural human tendency; rationalization.

And it can be a physique killer.

Rationalization is responsible for making yourself feel less guilty about something.

This can be useful at times, but is terribly disadvantageous most other times.

“It’s only one cookie.”

“I just went to the gym yesterday, I can take off.”

Or the poster, “Hey, at least it’s not crack.”

Consciously or sub-consciously, we take on the traits of those that we associate most with. If most of your friends are healthy and lean, chances are greater that you will be as well.

Not sure about this? Go to Las Vegas. The obesity rates of the tourists and residents has got to be double that of any other major city. If you are feeling low about your physique, one day in this desert will make you feel much better.

How can we avoid rationalization? Consciously be aware of what we want to achieve and act according to these desires. If something does not help us toward our pursuit, avoid it.


Brad Gatens, CSCS


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