Working out or training ?

April 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s not the worst thing in the world for someone to claim that they are, “working out.” In fact, if everyone worked out then our country would be in a lot better shape.  ( Terrible pun intended)

“Working out,” however;  can and should be taken to the next level.  Working out usually consists of:

  • Going to the gym and doing whatever comes to mind
  • Not really sure what to do
  • Not having a plan
  • Haphazardly throwing different exercises together
  • Doing the same routine year after year

Obviously, not very efficient.

Granted doing something is better than nothing.  But it’s a far cry from ideal.

Training involves:

  • Having a plan
  • Understanding why you are doing something
  • Having a purpose
  • Utilization progression
  • Making progress

These things take extra effort, but is necessary to see any type of measurable results.  There is a science behind doing all of this and shows the importance of taking the time to learn these concepts or investing in a coach or trainer to help you with the process.

Brad Gatens, CSCS

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