What does it take to succeed in the gym ?

March 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

In the exercise and fitness world, there is one factor closely related to positive results. In turn, there is one factor usually associated with failure and lack of progression.  If ever gym-goer and faithful gym rat could dedicate themselves to this one thing, people would be a lot happier with their training and body composition outcomes.

The key is intensity.

Followed closely by commitment.

In general, the more difficult the movement or activity, the greater the effect on the body.

If we take an athlete and have them walk a lap (400 meters) that individual is probably not going to get much out of it.   If you take the same person with the capabilities to sprint, and have them run a lap as fast as they can, that will provide a much greater training effect.    Simply, walking does not cause the body to change like sprinting because the intensity is too low.

Let’s look at the bicep curl as well. Take a person with the capability to curl 50 lbs.  That person can spend time lifting 15 lb. bicep curls.  Or they can take a 40 lb. dumbell and curl a weight closer to their maximum lift.  The later will provide a much greater training stimulus because it is more intense.

This is a pretty easy concept to grasp.  But the real challenge is this:

1. Actually committing yourself to do work that is hard, exhausting, and painful.

2. Balancing the training program with moderate intensity and rest days.  (This is where a coach or trainer can be very valuable to the athlete.)

Brad Gatens, CSCS

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