Don’t always trust your scale.

October 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hey everyone, I wanted to start off my blog with a commonly asked question from my clients.  “Does the scale lie?”

Let’s clarify that there are two types of body weight; Lean Body Mass &  Fat Mass.

Your body composition is measured by what you eat, how you excersize and your genetics.  First I will discuss Lean Body Mass.  Lean Body Mass is composed of blood, water, organs, tissue, bone and muscle – anything other than fat.  The second type of body mass is Fat Mass. Which is simply body fat.

When someone wants to know if they loose or gain weight, stepping on a scale is a very common method.  For many it is probably the most convient and easy method.  The problem with reading the number on the scale is – that numbers lie. Why you ask? Well the scale cannot differentiate between Lean Body Mass and Fat Mass.  For example: If a middle-aged inactive women gained five pounds, chances are that most of it would be from fat.  If a strength trainer or bodybuilder were to gain five pounds, most likely the weight gain would be from an increase in Lean Body Mass, not Fat Mass. That gain in your Lean Body Mass will eventually melt away some of the Fat Mass throughout time – making you leaner & giving you a healthier body composition.

So my advice to you is – don’t always trust the scale. Trust in your strength training program and healthy eating.



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